Tibet and Indonesia all belong to the one and same Indus Valley Civilization. Together we can respond wisely and compassionately to the problems faced by our world. Together we can realize our common dream of ‘One Earth, One Sky, and One Humankind’.

This short story below is taken from book Soul Quest – Journey from Death to Immortality by Anand Krishna

Anand_Krishna_ReceivesKhataMeeting with Mysterious Lama in 1991

I had just had a blood transfusion, and my Hb level had gone up to 4,7, but I was certainly not in a position to make the trip to Leh. It was unimaginable.

The ride from Leh’s airport to the Himis Monastery left me exhausted. I began to doubt my sanity in taking the trip. Because of early snow that year, the road was bad, very bad.

When I finally got there…

True to his saying, I found the Lama waiting for me at the main entrance of Himis Monastery: “So finally you are here. Welcome.”

The Lama was standing right before me” “You have chosen a right place to die. Look at the Majestic Shindhu with its graceful flow. This is a beautiful place. Where on earth can you find another place like this? You have done well by coming here. Right place to die…”

Anand_Krishna_Anand-KrishnaAn Indonesian national of Indian descent, Anand Krishna is acclaimed as “phenomenon” by both. his critics and sympathizers. His critics wonder, “What makes him popular? There is nothing extraordinary about him.” His sympathizers appreciate his passion for promoting peace among different sections of society and acclaim: “He comes from The Source of All Wisdom.”

Born in Solo, Central Java, on the 1st of September 1956, Anand had his early education in Lucknow, North India, where he met his first spiritual mentor, Sheikh Baba. A simple ice vendor, the saint was not known beyond the area he lived in, but played major role in the “making” of Anand Krishna who was already familiar with Sufi poetry and teachings of Shah Abdul Latief of Sindh, through his father, Tolaram.

Working while studying, Anand Krishna earned his Master’s degree from a reputed university and was at the top of his career as Director and Shareholder of a Garment Factory in Indonesia, when he fell ill. Medical diagnosis showed Leukemia in critical stage. Thus, in 1991, at 35, Anand faced certain death.

After months of suffering, mysterious meeting with a Tibetan Lama in the Himalayas, and miraculous recovery from his illness, Anand decided to devote his life to sharing his joy, peace, love and healing.